“At 22 I’ve f#cked only 2 men, my dad nd Zamo ” A Girl on Twitter Shares How Her Father Have Been Molesting Her

Omawumi Dokpesi is her name on Twitter, and
her handle is @Mz_Omaa and she narrates how
her father has been molesting her! Really sad. But
then, it could be an attempt to gain followers.
Wanna sleep, if he comes that’s his luck if he
didn’t who cares. Goodnyt
After everything ill commit suicide and die buh
after I’ve killed both my parents
9ja Twitter Girl Rants About How She Sleeps with
her Father Continuously and Suck His “D”
Had 2 cars but can’t drive, have bbm buh not on
bbm, have a number buh not on whatsapp all
bcos of the dog I have as a father
I believe I be more comfy with girls now than
boys, all men are dogs according to a movie I
Pussy destroyed, anally ravaged, swallowed cum
forcefully, taste my own period forcefully, all my
the one I call dad
I wanna kill him soon buh still don’t have the
heartMen are wicked, I hate my parents
Dunno if I’ll ever be comfortable with any man,
dunno if I can f#ck anyone else
Now I don’t enjoy sex without fighting
At 22 I’ve f#cked only 2 men, my dad nd Zamo
Sometimes I doubt if he’s my father…..
Still don’t have friends at this age, still not free to
go out, he receive slaps from my own dad on a
daily basisLife has been hell
Either ways I’m here waiting, nd imma let him
see me telling everybody what he has been
doing, he might pressed my neck nd ill die nuh
Soon I know he’s gonno be here wanting this
pussy, or he gon be scared bout what I did last to
And would bring up drama anytime I talk bout it
I hate mum too cos she’s all about her job, she
don’t care bout her only daughter, call me once
in a long while
Can’t even stand him, he’s been beating me
since I was a baby, fucking me since I was 12, he
don’t like me at all
Anytime he knows that twitter dm I’m dead
He wouldn’t lemme be on BBM, Whatsapp cos he
feels someone might take me away…. He would
slap all over my face if he sees me there
I realised I can’t kill him with sex neither. I was
And I don’t wanna goto jail
I f#cked him for house and left him for death too,
when he was asleep, I brought out a knife buh
my hrt won’t let me stab him
He’s now 52 nd not strong like he use to, I fucked
him till I can’t hear him talk anymore, I didn’t
stop,I brought out his D, suck like I’ve never did,
nd fuck him, if he cum, I start sucking till its up
again nd jump on it
Just when its 10pm, I got undress and head to
his room, opened the day nd jump on him, he
weren’t in the mood buh I don’t care
He ate flacks all tru the day, I was laughing, I
wasn’t even hungry at all, he slapped me over 20
times, I was hurt buh it was fun
I didn’t cook for the day nd he’s so lazy. He was
hungry, forced me to cook buh I didn’t, he beat
me up anyhow buh idgaf
To cut the long story short, just yesterday I
wanted to kill him cos I’ve had enough
Then he cu#med on my ass nd left me for death
When he first got in I felt I was in hell, and I ask
him why he said my pussy is not tight anymore.. I
felt pain, anal was hell at first tho
Then to my greatest suprice he brought out a
lube, rubbed it all over my asshole nd on his
monster meat, nd bust me anally
Then on finals now, just last year I came home, he
came in as usual naked, nd ask me to give him a
blow job, I did, nd he ate the pussy
This time I miss him, I wish he was here,
I was expecting Zamo to f#ck me like he did buh
he was just fooling himself, I pushed him away nd
On this faithful day I was so horny, I call Zamo, I
ask him to fuck me, I took him to the hotel he
always take me, nd paid
Then my break got over I went back to skool,
I was 19 already, fully grown, buh he will beat me
up if he sees me on social networks or received a
call frm friends
The next day when mum was not home, he came
in, after insulting all my bbm friends, he accused
me of cheating nd disobeying him
Then I was on 300 already nd I came home, mum
was around, 12am he opened the door nd met
me on my phone, he seized it
Some times he will come to SA, not bcos he
wants to see me buh bcos of this pussy, he wud
lodge me nd expensive hotel nd f#ck
So I hated and love him at the same time,
And anytime I come home, he would still fuck me
stupid and live
Then I went to south africa for law, he bought me
a phone now just for him nd mum to reach me
not cos of fnds & he made that clear
He’s been ravaging this pussy from when I was
12 till 16, then skool called,
He wouldn’t let me live the house, have friends,
stay social, all he cared about is himself nd not
my happiness
I grad from secondary skool and mum was now
transferred to lagos, I wanted to follow her buh he
opposed and mum agreed, I felt terrible
Now I’m enjoying it, I’d longed for it now
As devil would have it mum got travelled again,
nd I became hunted by that sex freak
That was the first time I felt real pleasure
I laughed nd walk pass, then I went to my room, I
insert a mojo, watched and played with myself,
then I was wet
It was 11pm, I couldn’t sleep so I was walking
around, then I heard mum moaning, I know he’s
beating him with that his monster again
As luck would have it mum came, then we were
all happy like a real fam, ate together, see movies,
and left for my room,
The next day he came in again and ask me for
play with myself while he watch, so I was doing
just that then he left
He again bust his nuts on my face nd left like a
boss, I was already getting use to it
He ate my pussy for a while nd insert back his
monster on me, all I can feel is pain so I wonder
what these pornstar enjoy that make em moan
Then the night that day he came back in and ask
me to get naked, I didn’t, he slapped me again
nd undress me himself
Then he brought it out nd stroke it with his hands
and burst his nuts all over my face and left, I was
crying again
Then he brought out his monster meat nd ask me
to blow it, I didn’t, he open my mouth nd put it
in, I left it there without sucking
Then this faithful day, he came in and asked me
how was these CDs, I didn’t reply, then he yelled
at me nd I was scared again
Then after a month or so, he didn’t do nothing, I
taught its okay now, already close to when mum
is coming from UK, I was anxiously waiting
He would come insert the mojo, watch a lil with
me and live, I watched all the CDs nd was like
He didn’t come for a week nd I was okay, the
next day he came with a big television, nd a DVD
player and all his CDs were mojo
the next day I didn’t goto skool, I went to the
kitchen and took a long knife nd hid it awaiting
the next time he comes
I cried over nd over again, then I gained a lil
confidence, I cleaned up the bathroom, then
slept without eating
Then he was pounding me so hard, then he
cummed and burst everything on my pussy
covered with blood nd ask me to clean the mess
I shouted buh no one could hear me, then he
covered my mouth with his oily hands, I was in
servere pain, buh he just don’t give a f#ck
Then he rubbed some on my tight little pussy and
so much on his monster meat, and bend me over
and inserted it forcefully.
I taught I was free then he came back holding a
bottle of olive oil nd dragged me back into the
He was tryna force it in buh couldn’t cos his meat
was monstrous, then he left without uttering any
Then he dragged me outto the bathroom nd put
me on the bed, how can I drag with a man of his
size, then he burst the pussy wild open again
Then he pressed me against one side of the
bathroom and put the dick in my hands, nd ask
me to start stroking it, I was doing that in fear
When I got home I undress nd went for shower,
then he walked in naked, nd behold the dick was
so huge, I closed my eyes
It was 2 already nd my driver came to pick me, I
was scared to go home buh where else can I go,
so I went home
Then that night was over, it was monday now, I
got dressed nd went to skool, couldn’t talk cos I
was still shocked nd scared
then he left me so weak on the couch nd I was
wondering what just happen,
He chased round the house, nd caught, gave me
a hot slap nd I was weak, then he started eating
the pussy, I was crying nd pinned down
Then he burst it wild open and put his tongue on
it, I felt so much pleasure, I couldn’t resist it nd I
jumped up nd ran
Then he inserted a finger on it, then 2, I started
to moan slightly, then he ask if I’m enjoying it, I
said kinda, he said okay
I ask why then he said he wants to see if I’m still
a virgin, I was scared first buh I showed him, then
he started touching all over my clit
Then he said okay nd ask when last I saw it, I said
just finished last week, then he ask me to show
him my pussy, I was surprised
Then he pop a question if I’ve started seeing
period, I was shocked buh not scared, I said yea, I
had boobs and fat ass already
After a couple mins he ask me if I was missing
mum nd I said yea, he said I shud chill he’s here
for me, I was quite happy
And after a couple mins, he came in & ask hw I
was doing, I said fine, he asked if I could use
some company I said oh yea
Mum works with EFCC nd she’s not always at
It was one cold lonely night, after we celebrated
my 12yr bday, I was hella tyad so I enter my
room, had my bath nd wanted to sleep
All dope everything
All the mysteries I done been through
The kinda story uve never heard

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