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Nigeria To Witness Solar Eclipse

The National Space Research and Development
Agency (NASRDA) has predicted that Nigeria will
witness a partial solar eclipse on November 3,
Speaking at a press conference, yesterday in Abuja,
on the anticipated solar eclipse, which will hit most
states around noon, the director-general of the
agency, Prof. Seidu Mohammed, said it is a natural
astronomical event with no significant negative
implication, urging Nigerians to remain calm as the
eclipse will not hinder normal activities.
Mohammed said, “Nigeria is within the penumbra
region where you’ll have partial eclipse on
November 3, 2013. As an astronomical agency, we
have taken time to inform Nigerians of the eclipse,
which will take place on Sunday, because it is our
duty to keep the nation informed of such
developments. We urge Nigerians to remain calm
as there is no need to panic.
“November 3rd will be like any other day; it will not
hinder signal from the satellite, so mobile signal
will not be affected, our internet and other facilities
will be operating and it will not even affect flights;
nothing out of the ordinary is expected to occur
apart from a shadow bend which will be felt just at
the time we predicted. We have predicted the
starting time and when it will end, which is around
4pm in most cities.”
In his presentation, the director, centre for basic
space science, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Prof.
Fidelis Opara, explained that an eclipse is an
astronomical event that occurs when an
astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either
by passing into the shadow of another body or by
having another body pass between it and the
viewer as seen from the earth.
He explained that solar eclipse occurs when the
moon passes between the sun and the earth, and
the moon fully or partially blocks the sun.
Giving prediction of the time the eclipse will hit
some of the states in Nigeria, Opara said the
eclipse will begin in Abakiliki by 1. 06pm and end
by 4.09pm; Ibadan will start by 12.52pm and end by
4.01pm; Port Harcourt starts 1.03pm to 4.09pm,
Enugu starts 1.04pm to 4.07pm; Lagos starts
12.50pm to 4.01; Kano begins 1.07 to 4.01; Abuja
begins 1.03 to 4.03 while Uyo begins by 1.06pm to
The eclipse which will affect different African states
and other regions of the world will start around
11.38am to 2.55pm in Accra, Ghana.
Other locations to witness the partial solar eclipse
includes Hamilton, Bermuda, New York, New York,
U.S.A, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Monrovia, Liberia;
São Tomé, Sao Tome and Principe; Malabo,
Equatorial Guinea; Port-Gentil, Gabon; ibreville,
Gabon; Yaoundé, Cameroon; Brazzaville, Congo;
Kinshasa, Congo Dem. Rep; Bangui, Central African
Republic; Juba, South Sudan; Kigali, Rwanda;
Kampala, Uganda; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Nairobi,
Kenya and Mogadishu, Somalia


Retired footballer,Kanu Nwankwo, gave out a
Brand New Kia motor to the winner of this month’s
“heal a heart” lottery at St Leo’s church compound
Ikeja on 23rd october, 2013. The former Arsenal of
London forward floated what he called ‘Heal-A-
Heart’ Lottery which will run for 12 months with an
estimated income of N100m per month with a total
financial income of N1billion to fast-track the
building of the Cardiac Hospital in Abuja.
The project which took off in August has a star
prize of a Kia Car per month with laptops, Ipads,
Smart phones and Kanu Nwankwo’s clubs
customized jerseys as consolation prizes. More
photos below

PHOTOS : Kanu Nwankwo Presents
Car Prize To Winner Of His Heart Foundation Lottery

Nigerians You Can Open A Bank Account With Your Phones MTN Declares

MTN Nigeria and Diamond Bank Plc have signed a
Memorandum of Understanding on the unveiling
of a hybrid bank account that can be opened
using a telephone.
Dubbed the ‘Diamond Y’ello Account,’ the
service offers a combination of financial,
telecoms, loyalty and lifestyle benefits, MTN said
in a statement on Tuesday.
The service allows customers to open a Diamond
Bank account conveniently from their MTN lines,
while offering interest earning benefits as well as
access to micro credit.
In addition, customers will enjoy friendly call
rates and earn loyalty points as they carry out
transactions, MTN stated.
The Group Managing Director/Chief Executive
Officer, Diamond Bank, Dr. Alex Otti, was quoted
as saying, “One of the major benefits of the
Diamond Y’ello Account is that as soon as
customers open the account from their mobile
phones, transactions are done with ease and
convenience via their mobile phones.
“With nearly 100 per cent mobile phone
penetration in Nigeria, many more un-banked
and under banked Nigerians, regardless of their
location, can now enjoy access to banking with
this novel service.”
The statement also quoted MTN’s Chief Executive
Officer, Mr. Michael Ikpoki, as saying, “We are
absolutely delighted once again to be offering
our existing and potential subscribers a new and
innovative product that will most definitely
change their life styles and the way they manage
their finances.
“We are really excited about Diamond Y’ello
Account and we plan to make use of our existing
network and infrastructure all over the country
to ensure that we reach as many people as
possible, especially those who do not have access
to banking services.